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Professional Equipment Suppliers

Companies which manufacture, supply or lease ground segment equipment intended primarily for the professional market.

2wcom Systems
manufacturer and supplier of professional broadcast products offering complete DVB-S/S2 audio and IP satellite system solutions from end-to-end - including professional encoder, modulator and IRD (Integrated Receiver Decoder)

A1 Microwave Ltd
precision manufacturer specialising in microwave filter solutions, waveguide transitions and couplers, transmit arms, magic tees and IF filters for satellite terminals up to 40 GHz

designer and manufacturer of satellite communications subsystems and components for the ground segment: BUCs, SSPAs, LNBs, transceivers and frequency converters, in C, X, Ku & Ka bands

Adtec Digital
store forward content distribution via satellite multicast

Advanced Microwave Components
manufacturer of RF components including: custom waveguide runs, rotary joints, flexible waveguide, cross guide couplers, terminations, pressure windows, adapters, and quick disconnect flanges

Advantech Wireless

Aerial Oy
antennas, power dividers, filters, waveguide and coaxial components

mission and trajectory analysis software

one stop shop dealing in new and refurbished satellite and telecom equipments, sophisticated hardware/software for VSAT and broadcast services, complete VSAT kits, and on-site-installations for satellite solution providers worldwide

customer manufacturer of a wide range of microvave waveguide subsystems and components

All Over Communications
sales, rentals and service of satellite phones for remote and redundant communications

Alpha Satcom
large satellite earth station antennas

Amkom Design Group
manufacturer of various standardised and custom RF products including single, combined, and hybrid power amplifier modules, Block Up Converters (BUCs), Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs), waveguide components, and various other RF and satcom specific accessories

Amplus Communication
manufacturer of VSAT transceivers, block upconverters, redundancy system, dielectric resonator oscillators, phase locked oscillators and frequency synthesizers

outdoor VSAT transceivers, block upconverters and SSPAs

earth station design and installation; mobile DSNG vehicles; filters; diplexers; feed systems; upconverters; SNG systems

Antenna Technology Communications Inc (ATCi)
Simulsat (TM) multibeam antennas; fibre optic links; uplinks; test equipment; headend equipment; systems integration

Antesky Science Technology
design and manufacture of earth station antennas

Antwerp Space
satellite ground stations for data reception from earth observation satellites and for telemetry/telecontrol of spacecraft, and test systems used for the integration of satellites

Apollo Microwaves
manufactures low and high power passive microwave components from 1-40 GHz; designs, manufactures and installs switching & combining systems; offers site survey and field testing services

Applied Instruments
design and manufacture of test equipment to the telecommunications industry

AT Communication International
portable VSAT terminals

video compression solution provider to the broadcast and telecom industries

atrexx - Global Capacity & Facility Exchange
hardware reseller for VSAT, mobile satellite broadband, WiMAX and broadcast services

manufacture of high quality, low cost spectrum analyzers

AvL Technologies
design and manufacture of mobile satellite antenna systems

Baird Mounting Systems
manufacturer of antenna mounts

Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp
aeronautical and GPS antennas

satellite phone manufacturer

Belcom Microwaves
VSAT block upconverter manufacturer

C2Sat Communications
stabilised maritime antenna platforms

Castell Satcom Radio
independent supplier of satellite and radio terminals and services to organisations working in remote and hazardous areas of the world

C-COM Satellite Systems Inc
antennas for broadband VSATs

CGC Space
precision tracking antenna solutions and complete ground stations for remote sensing, communications, and TT&C

China Sun Communication Group
manufacturer of VSAT / earth station antenna ,flyaway antenna, SNG antenna, Satcom on the move antenna

manufacturer of satellite communication equipment for the maritime, land and aeronautical markets

Communications and Power Industries (CPI)
producer of power amplifiers, amplifier subsystems and high-power microwave devices for satellite uplink ground terminals

Computer Anwendung für Management (CAM)
satellite control centre software systems; ground station software

Comtech EF Data Corp
designs, manufacturers and markets a broad spectrum satellite modems, modem accessories, performance enhancement proxies (PEP), SCPC network management, IP encapsulators, ASI receivers, S2 receivers, SSPAs, block upconverters (BUCs), low noise amplifiers

Comtech Xicom Technology
high power amplifiers for SNG, fly away and fixed earth stations

Cross Technologies
manufacturer of frequency converters, protection switches, precision frequency sources and test converters

network monitor and control solutions for the satellite broadcast and media distribution industry

satellite terminal manufacturer

Datum Systems
manufacturer of high performance satellite modems for SCPC and VSAT applications

DEV Systemtechnik
SAT IF distribution amplifiers and combiners, RF switching systems, CATV routing products, measurement systems and accessories, individual signal routing products

value added reseller of satellite communications systems, equipment, services and solutions

Disitron Industries
VSAT system integrator and new and used equipment reseller with focus on Africa, Middle East and Asia

Dow Key Microwave
manufacturer of RF switches and switch matrices

DRS Technologies
military antenna control systems, OTM pedestals, monitor and control systems

TWT amplifiers used in fly-away, drive-away, SNG, earth stations

EaglePro Communications
antenna mounts

Elbit Systems
military satcoms hub and terminals

electrical and mechanical ground support equipment for spacecraft

Elite Antennas
manufacturer of parabolic prime-focus aluminium antennas

EMC Satcom Technologies
VSAT hub and terminal manufacturer

EM Solutions
Communications On The Move (COTM) satcom terminals, LNBs, BUCs and SSPAs

Encore Networks
routers for implementing secure VPNs over VSAT

supplier of earth resources ground stations

supplier of phones, modems and services for Iridium, Thuraya, Globalstar and Inmarsat

ETL Systems
designs and manufactures specialist L-band, IF and broadband equipment for satellite ground stations, including distributive matrices (routers), splitters, combiners, power supplies, patch panels, converters, and LNB interfaces

fibre optic solutions to transmit wireless and RF signals

holding fixtures for satellites, solar panels and antennas during satellite manufacturer

RF fibre optic interfacility links

Frequency Electronics
GPS time and frequency systems for use in synchronising terrestrial and satellite networks

Frontline Communications Corp
custom DSNG vehicles and mobile command centers

Inmarsat maritime terminals and GPS receiver modules

GDP Space Systems
LEO tracking antenna systems and related TT&C components; bit and frame synchronisers; PSK and FSK modems; tracking antennas

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies
manufacturer of a very wide range of antennas, terminals and RF equipment for commercial and government use

Gerling and Associates
custom fabrication, design and integration of satellite uplink/downlink vehicles (DSNG vehicles, SNVs)

Ultra Electronics GigaSat
mobile and flyaway satellite earth stations with a focus ons broadband communications

Gilat Satellite Networks
interactive VSAT, data broadcast using VSAT, data collection using VSAT, telephony using VSAT, TV distribution, TV broadcast uplinking, audio distribution, radio broadcast uplinking

GlobalCom Satellite Communication
Globalstar, Iridium and Inmarsat satellite phone supplier

Global Satellite
reseller of mobile satellite services and equipment

Globecomm Systems
turnkey earth stations, international gateways, transportable earth stations, digital video uplinks, military transportables, internet access by satellite

mission control systems

Harmonic Inc
manufacturer of professional equipment for broadcasters including video encoders, integrated receiver/decoders, statistical multiplexers and video servers

large earth station integrator and manufacturer of earth station equipment

HITEC Luxembourg
large earth station antennas, monitoring systems, transportable uplinks

Holkirk Communications
manufacturers of light-weight fly-away and vehicle roof-mount antenna systems for SNG and military

Hollis Electronics
satellite communications test equipment

Honeywell Global Tracking
global supplier of telematics, tracking and search and rescue solutions

Hughes Network Systems
interactive VSAT, meshed VSAT, data broadcast using VSAT, data collection using VSAT, telephony using VSAT, point to point VSAT, TV distribution, business TV, distance learning, TV broadcast uplinking, audio distribution, Inmarsat C

high-speed two-way Internet, interactive VSAT, data broadcast using VSAT, data collection using VSAT, telephony using VSAT, distance learning, Internet using VSAT, IP using VSAT, earth station service enablement

iDirect Government
offers IP communications technology that enables constant connectivity for voice, video and data applications in diverse and challenging environments

IK Tech Corporation
distributor of VSAT equipment

monitoring and alignment system for satellite control centres and teleports, with local or remote access and videorecording of any events that occur

International Datacasting Corporation
radio, audio and data broadcast equipment and services

Iridium Communications
mobile satellite phone service and hardware supplier

satellite link emulator

Design, assembly and installation of thermal vacuum chambers and test systems for space simulation

Kratos Integral Systems International (Kratos ISI)
command and control software; satellite payload processing, spacecraft integration and test, simulation, station automation, and environmental monitoring systems

Krul Satellite Communications
sale and lease of Iridium, Globalstar, Nera, Thrane and Thrane, Philips and Kathrein satellite equipment and services

KVH Industries
in-motion antennas for vehicles, sea going vessels and aircraft

L-3 GCS and 3Di
manpack, flyaway and COTM VSAT terminals

L-3 Narda-ATM
manufacturer of coaxial and waveguide components

L-3 Narda-Miteq
earthstation upconverters, downconverters, IF-to-IF converters, test translators, redundant switchover units, 1:1 and 1:2 amplifier systems, variable equalisers, Inmarsat equipment, video exciters, custom products, LNAs, outdoor mounted terminals

MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates (MDA)
ground stations for earth observation

M&J Communications
stocking distributors and resellers of satellite ground station equipment and components including VSAT, TVRO and broadcast related equipment

Marine Electronics - Croatia (MEC)
marine stabilized satellite antennas for DBS and VSAT applications at sea

optimization for cellular backhaul networks

Metocean Data Systems
monitoring applications for oceanographic and meteorological drifting buoy products using Iridium satellites

satellite telecommunication systems integrator

Microelectronics Technology Inc (MTI)
manufacturer of LNBs, block upconverters and VSAT transceivers

manufacturer of waveguide for the aerospace, space, satellite, maritime, and telecom markets

Microwave Photonic Systems
optical inter facility links

Mission Microwave Technologies
Solid State Power Amplifier BUCs to support ground-based, airborne, and space-based applications

Mobil Satellite Technologies
provides mobile and portable VSAT hardware and service to hundreds of federal, state, county and municipal mobile command centers, oil and gas exploration teams, mobile medical, and humanitarian missions

ND SatCom
global supplier of satellite based broadband VSAT, broadcast and military communication network solutions

Network Innovations
reseller of satellite communication solutions for voice and data for both fixed and mobile requirements

New Japan Radio Co (NJRC)
LNBs and BUCs for VSAT applications

DVB and SDH satellite modems for video and data; redundancy switching systems; RF converter equipment; Ka band DVB RCS two-way interactive broadband systems (SIT terminals, hub, broadband access scheduler)

Norsat International
broadband access terminals; DVB data hubs; LNAs, LNBs, redundant LNB switches

provider of precise global positioning system (GPS) and augmentation components and sub-systems

satellite modulators, demodulators and modems

online reseller of earth station equipment

Optical Zonu
design and manufacture of RF over fibre products, used in remote antenna applications, to transport L band, IF and other signals over fibre optic cable

Orbital Research
manufacturer of a wide range of block downconverters, LNBs, bias tees, mux tees, diplexers, combiners, dividers, 10 MHz reference oscillators, 10 MHz splitters, outdoor enclosures and power supplies

Orbital Systems
design, manufacture and maintainance of ground station equipment including: antenna positioners, feeds, downconverters, demodulators, data ingest, and control systems

Panasonic Avionics
avionics antennas

mobile antennas

Paradigm Communication Systems
manufacturer of satellite terminals and earth stations, satellite equipment reseller

Paradigm Shift Technologies
manufactures the TARGET:SAT satellite location instrument for antenna alignment and the UFA multi frequency flat array antenna for global satellite reception of any spacecraft

Peak Communications
L band and IF up and down converters, Ku band blocks and LNB bespoke design and manufacture

supplier of turnkey VSAT network solutions and manufacturer of TDMA-DAMA, SCPC-DAMA, and DVB-RCS equipment

Probecom Microwave Technology
design and manufacture of C, Ku and Ka band satellite communication earth station antenna, servo equipment including antenna control systems and beacon receivers, TVRO antennas and flyaway antennas

VSAT equipment reseller

Quintech Electronics and Communications Inc
RF switching, routing, sensing, splitting, combining and signal distribution products; redundant power supplies

Research Concepts
antenna controllers

professional RF-distribution solutions for satellite ground stations such as switch/routing matrices, RF-over-Fiber systems, switches/redundancy-switches, splitters/combiners, amplifiers, signal quality analyzers (RF & DVB}

VSAT network manufacturer

RT Logic
open architecture systems and products for satellite ground operations, satellite test activities, and launch vehicle/range telemetry acquisition

S3 Satcom
fixed earth station systems, VSAT networks and remote control software

Sat-Comm Ltd
design and manufacture of Digital Satellite News Gathering (SNG) Vehicles, SNG Flyaway Systems and Outside Broadcast Vehicles, as well other broadcast and satellite related system integration projects

Satcom Resources
satellite equipment reseller

Satcom Solutions
reseller of a wide range of voice and data satellite communications equipment

SAT Corporation
supplier of automatic signal monitoring systems and networks for satellite and terrestrial monitoring applications
Globalstar, Iridium, and Inmarsat phone rentals and service supplier

driveaway and flyaway antenna systems

system integrator and manufacturer of ground station equipment

software for the planning, implementation and operation of complete satellite missions; meteorological ground stations

mobile terminals for commercial and government users

SED Systems
satellite gateways, feeder link stations, TT&C stations, in orbit test systems, carrier monitoring systems, ground support equipment

distributors of an extensive range of satcoms equipment from the world's leading manufacturers

supply, installation and maintenance of earth station antennas and RF equipment worldwide

Skyware Global
manufacturer of VSAT antennas, VSAT feeds, antenna mounts, de-icing equipment, LNBs, VSAT transceivers and BUCs

up/down converters, upconverters, downconverters, LNA, custom components and subsystems

Spacepath Communications
manufacturer of HPAs and SSPAs

designs and manufactures GNSS (GPS, GLONNASS, Galileo, SBAS) test and simulation systems

Square Peg Communications Inc
development and manufacture of DSP-based ground and air-borne communications products, from audio to L-band, including satellite modems, Turbo decoders and complete channel units

Squire Tech Solutions
develops integrated VSAT-based stationary and mobile solutions for government response, corporate continuity, and remote communications

ST Electronics
SSPA's, block up converters (BUC) and satellite transceivers across C, Ku, X and Ka band plus satellite modems and build-to-order satellite systems

Stellar Satcom
manufacturer of HPAs and SSPAs

communication surveillance, signal analysis, communication security and jamming systems

Sumeru Microwave Communications
manufacturer of VSAT and TVRO antennas

SVS Satellite Systems
SNG and VSAT antenna manufacturer

Swedish Microwave
LNAs, LNBs and waveguide components including OMTs, feed horns and quarterwave transformers

Tampa Microwave
manportable and VSAT ground terminals, specialised communications test equipment, microwave modules

manufacturer of modulators and demodulators

Teledyne Paradise Datacom
SSPAs, block upconverters, paired carrier multiple access, IF and L band modems, low noise amplifiers and LNB/LNA systems

portable satcom terminals, DSNG flyaways, vehicle mounted terminals and large earth stations

Terrasat Communications
block upconverter manufacturer

The Waveguide Solution Limited
manufacture of precision waveguide systems

TS2 Technologie Satelitarne
telecommunications services provider using the following satellite constellations: Thuraya, Iridium, Inmarsat, Eutelsat and Intelsat

interactive VSAT, data collection using VSAT

Unique Broadband Systems (UBS)
design and manufacturing of complete digital transmission systems as well as individual components

Upcom Technologies
manufacturer of a wide range of earth station equipment including modems, modulators, video encoders, video receivers/ decoders, satellite amplifiers, BUC's, SSPA's, TWTA's, satellite frequency converters, LNB's

VSAT test and carrier monitoring solutions

ViaLite Communications
RF over fibre links

VSAT products for data and voice applications; Ka-band satellite systems, from user terminals to large gateways for both geosynchronous and low earth orbit systems; antennas; antenna controllers

flyaway DSNG terminals

reseller of VSAT equipment in the Middle East

WB Walton Enterprises
de-icing equipment for earth station antennas

Wilhelm Winter
manufacturer of antenna positioners and control units

WORK Microwave
manufacturer of advanced DVB-S/S2 satellite communications equipment, including frequency converters, modulators, demodulators, modems and redundancy switch systems

Wuxi Huaxin Radar Engineering
antenna manufacturer

developer of standards-based wireless optimization software and hardware

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