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Satellite Manufacturers

Companies which manufacture complete satellites, payloads, buses as well as space segment hardware manufacturers.

Aboa Space Research Oy
designs and manufactures instruments and software for space environment measurements

Accion Systems
spacecraft propulsion systems

Active Space Technologies (Actividades Aeroespaciais SA)
spacecraft instrumentation and optoelectronics; thermal analysis of instruments, satellites and launchers

high precision and instrument ball bearings for space applications including: actuators, rotary joints, RF switches, telescope mechanisms, antenna deployment and pointing, momentum and reaction wheels, geo sensors and mission specific instruments

Advanced Mechanical and Optical Systems (AMOS)
space qualified optical instruments and mechanisms; optical ground support equipment for spacecraft integration and testing, high vacuum chambers for space simulation

Advanced Technical Materials
manufacturer of space qualified coaxial and waveguide components

Advanced Technology Institute
spacecraft systems, solar array, propulsion systems, thermal control systems, communication and antenna systems, batteries, star trackers; thermal vacuum test chambers

hi-rel thick film fuses for use in satellites

Aerojet Rocketdyne
spacecraft propulsion systems, solar electric propulsion systems, propulsion systems for manned spacecraft

Airbus Defence and Space
manned spacecraft; prime contractor for telecommunications, earth observation, navigation and scientific satellites; planetary probes; spacecraft propulsion systems; spacecraft platform and payload electronics

Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands
solar arrays; robotics; structures; simulators, thermal control systems; earth observation instruments

Aitech Defense
computer, memory and peripheral I/O boards; single board computers; rugged enclosures

American Aerospace Controls
current sensing transducers

Ametek Programmable Power
manufacturer of satellite power simulation equipment - solar array simulators, battery string simulators, payload power simulators, and thermal vacuum heater power and control systems

Amphenol Aerospace
high performance connectors

hybrid preamplifiers and front end electronics for space instrumentation; thermoelectrically cooled X-ray and gamma-ray detectors; plasma analysers; custom high voltage supplies

AMS Technologies
distributor of space qualified components including: mulitlayer ceramic capacitors, microfuses, solid body fuses, high voltage power supplies

adhesives and sealants for use in space related applications; producers of HTPB resins used in solid propellant

Analog Devices
space qualified precision high performance linear, mixed signal and digital integrated circuits

Anaren Microwave
space qualified passive components

Antenna Development Corporation
design, development and manufacture of space qualified low gain antennas

Antwerp Space
space qualified frequency converters; test systems used for the integration of satellites

APCO Technologies
Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (MGSE); structural components

Applied Aerospace Structures
structural components made with composite and metallic bonded materials including: solar array substrates, antenna reflectors, satellite bus/payload structures

Applied Composite Solutions (ACS)
composite contouring and machining (honeycomb, foam and prepreg); composite cleaning services

Avasarala Technologies
manufacturer of heat pipes

quick release fasteners and latching systems

Axon Cable
data bus harnesses for on-board satellite, launcher and space station applications

AZ Technology
satellite and spacecraft paints/coatings with tailored thermal control and conductive properties; laboratory portable instruments for measuring optical properties; measurement and testing services on coatings including within a vacuum chamber

Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp
spacecraft, sensors, cryogenic subsystems, communication and antenna systems

potentiometers for space and launch vehicle applications

Bigelow Aerospace
inflatable manned habitats

Bliley Technologies
engineering and manufacturer of quartz crystal oscillators for space, military, and commercial applications; OCXO, TCXO, VCXO, and precision frequency control products

Blue Canyon Technologies
attitude control systems, power systems, reaction wheels, star trackers, cubesat systems and components

manned and unmanned space vehicles and supporting hardware; prime contractor for the US modules of the International Space Station; space surveillance

optical communications systems

thrusters; spacecraft electronics

Charles Stark Draper Laboratory
guidance, navigation and control systems; sensor, actuator and data management systems; advanced inertial systems; attitude control; energy storage; fibre optic gyros

electrical ground support equipment (EGSE)

Clyde Space
off-the-shelf and bespoke subsystem solutions for small satellites: spacecraft power systems, small satellite battery systems, digital and analogue systems, and R&D and consultancy services

life support, propulsion systems, microelectronics, rotary joints, actuators, microwave electronics, and satellite communications technology

COM DEV International
space-qualified passive microwave equipment, specialized electronics and optical subsystems

Czech Space Research Centre
design, development and testing of flight HW and SW

RF and microwave subsystems, such as radar altimeters, SAR assemblies, radiometer receivers, calibration subsystems as well as general transmitter and receiver microwave subsystems

Dow-Key Microwave
coaxial and microwave electromechanical switches

DRS Technologies
visible, infrared, far infrared and custom detectors; digital and analog ROICs through fully integrated FPAs and module assemblies; cameras; LWIR Hyperspectral detectors, sensors and systems

CCD and CMOS imaging sensors and sub-systems

Eaton Corporation
pressure regulators; relief valves; check valves; cryogenic valves and disconnects; latching valves; solenoid valves; torque motor valves, thruster valves

Elegant Systems Engineering
spacecraft electronics; cubesat structure and equipment manufacturer

manufacturer of space qualified RF pcbs

Emcore Corporation
solar cells

communication satellites; manned spacecraft

electronic equipment for spacecraft including power conversion, measurement electronics, low noise amplifiers, management and control electronics, video tape recorders, electronics for medical measurements

Erzia Technologies
Hi-Rel RF and microwave sub-systems and electronics

Etchform Precision Etching & Electroforming
spacers, grids, spring contacts, connector devices, solar cell contacts, filters, laminated flexible circuits, 2-D precision metal parts

optical systems

adhesive tapes, film and foil, foam and rubber, specialty laminates, and custom composites; thermofoil heaters

Frequency Electronics
thick and thin film microwave hybrids; frequency converters, LNAs; SSPAs; oscillators; DC-DC converters; master clocks

spacecraft on-board attitude determination and control software; command and data handling flight software

large, unfurlable mesh spacecraft antennas; data processing; phased arrays; spaceborne switching

Hightec MC
resistor networks, hybrids, sensors

cable assemblies; connectors; phase shifters

ILC Dover
space suits; flexible, inflatable composite space structures including solar and radar arrays, booms, trusses and antennas; airbags for the soft landing of planetary probes; TransHab inflatable space habitation module

Imes Group
satellite fuelling solutions - satellite fuelling mass measurement and C of G systems

precision flow instruments

International Space Propulsion
provider of comprehensive suite of space propulsion services to industry, including engineering consultancy, production and test support, chemical propellant provision and launch support services, procurement support, legal and safety advisory support and

Intersil Corporation
manufacturer of space qualified integrated circuits and discrete semiconductors

IOT Systems
in-orbit test (IOT) systems and services, payload R&D, systems simulation, payload simulators, satellite and earth station integration and test

Izhevskiy Radiozavod (IRZ)
telemetry systems; onboard computers; radio equipment for space docking systems

IZMIRAN - Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radiowave Propogation of the Russian Academy of Sciences
development and manufacture of instrumentation for scientific satellites investigating near earth space

active and passive optical sensor systems and instruments; orbit and attitude measurement sensors (sun sensors, star sensors, pattern recognition sensors, rendez vous and docking sensors)

K&Y Co
China based hydrazine propellant provider

critical space structures and mechanisms, special check out equipment, simulators, space qualified electro-optical subsystems

L3 Cincinnati Electronics
TT&C systems

L-3 Narda-Miteq
low-noise amplifiers, high-performance microwave mixers, frequency synthesizers, oscillators, logarithmic amplifiers, custom designed assemblies

optical and metrology systems

inflatable structures including solar arrays and antenna reflectors

Linde Gas
supplier of helium and other speciality gases

Lockheed Martin
communications, earth observation and meteorological satellites; spacecraft platforms; scientific satellites and interplanetary probes; manned spacecraft

Lucix Corporation
manufacturer of flight hardware including LNAs, local oscillators, frequency converters, frequency synthesisers, power monitors and dielectric oscillators

MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates (MDA)
small satellite missions offering turn-key systems for earth observation, surveillance of space, information delivery and space science; leading supplier of commercial satellite payloads, systems and subsystems including antennas, digital, microwave and power equipment for communications and remote sensing satellites

Machine Tek Corporation
honeycomb core profiling/machining

Made In Space
zero-g 3D printers

Magellan Aerospace
spacecraft buses, space avionics, software, mission analysis, small satellite systems engineering

Marotta Controls
valves for use in spacecraft propulsion systems; valves, flow control systems and gas generator modules for use in manned spacecraft

satellite magnetometers for use in attitude control systems

ultra-precision flexible coaxial cables for testing satellite systems; space qualified coaxial cable assemblies and adapters for satellite systems

Microsemi Corp
space and mil spec semiconductor components

manufacturer of waveguide for the aerospace, space, satellite, maritime, and telecom markets

Mier Comunicaciones
space qualified SSPAs, receivers, LNAs, downconverters, oscillators, OBP equipment, T/R for active antennas, PCB's and Microwave hybrid modules from VHF to Ka/Ku band; custom MMIC/MHIC design

Millennium Space Systems
spacecraft platforms; reaction wheels

millimetre wave amplifiers, isolators, mixers, antennas, multipliers, switches, subsystems and complete systems

heaters, flex circuits, sensors

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
reaction control systems; spacecraft propulsion systems; space station modules; cargo spacecraft for manned missions

Moog Bradford
development and manufacturing of state-of-the-art satellite propulsion and thermal control systems

Moon Express
developing private spacecraft to explore the moon

Naval Research Laboratory - Spacecraft Engineering Department, Naval Center for Space Technology (NCST)
analysis, design, and hardware expertise in structures and mechanisms, attitude determination and control systems, propulsion and reaction control systems, thermal control systems, satellite integration and test, launch vehicle integration, and satellite-to-boost-stage integration; satellite bus development

Northrop Grumman
scientific, imaging and communications satellites; cryocoolers; propulsion systems including electric propulsion; hyperspectral imaging; antennas; protected military communications payloads

communications, navigation, earth observation and reconnaissance satellites; payloads and laboratories for space stations; interplanetary probes

OHB Sweden
small spacecraft platforms; AOCS systems, spacecraft propulsion systems

OneWeb Satellites
small satellite manufacturer

Orbital ATK
communications, earth observation, reconnaissance and scientific satellites; cargo spacecraft for manned missions; satellite subsystems include spacecraft panels, bus structures, precision optical structures, deployable structural systems and mechanisms, solar arrays, antenna reflectors and propulsion tanks

Paragon Space Development Corporation
environmental control and life support services and technologies

power distribution units, thermal control power electronics, computers, interfacing and processing electronics for payloads, measurement instruments; lightweight composite structures

detectors for scientific spacecraft

design and manufacture of small satellites; ion thrusters

infrared and visible light sensors for missile defence, scientific and meteorological spacecraft

Rocketstar Robotics
design and manufacture of spacecraft motors, gearboxes, actuators and mechanisms for spaceflight applications

satellite structures, mechanisms, mechanical equipment; digital electronics; satellite communication equipment; satellite instruments

Safran Sagem
space telescopes and optics; space optics; ground testing equipment; navigation systems; propulsion system; electronics and hybrids

spacecraft control systems and flight dynamics; payload data processing for telecommunications and earth observation applications; simulation and mission planning; intelligent and management information systems

Sierra Microwave Technology
manufacture of space qualified passive microwave components; extensive in-house simulation and test capabilities

Sierra Nevada Corporation
scientific, communications and imaging satellites; manned spacecraft; deployable systems; docking and berthing systems; electrical power systems; electronics; flight and thrust vector control systems; mechanical and structural systems; pointing systems and motion control; thermal control systems; propulsion systems for manned spacecraft

infrared detectors

Solar MEMS Technologies
fine and coarse sun sensors for attitude control system

Sonaca (Societe Nationale de Construction Aerospatiale)
structures and structural components

Space Applications Services

microsatellite bus; components for micro and nano satellites

Space Dynamics Laboratory
electro-optical sensor systems, calibration, thermal management, reconnaissance systems, and small satellite technologies

Space Systems Finland
on board software for satellites, mission analysis, payload integration, small satellite systems engineering

solar generators; attitude sensors; mechanisms; small satellites

manufacturer of Dragon manned and cargo spacecraft

manufacturer of space qualified solar cells and panels

communications satellites; spacecraft buses

Surrey Satellite Technology
earth observation, communications and navigation satellites; spacecraft platforms; earth observation, communications and navigation payloads; actuators and sensors; on board data handling; mechanisms; propulsion systems

Swedish Space Corporation (SSC)
system integrator and supplier of small and micro-satellites; develops attitude orbit & control systems, onboard data handling units, software, propulsion systems and ground systems for testing and mission control; extensive operational experience

manufacturer of TTC transceivers, high data rate transmitters and GNSS receivers for low earth orbit satellites

Tekdata Interconnections
electrical cables, harnesses and assemblies: design, model, build, test - including superconductive, cryogenic, esoteric materials and high vacuum feed-throughs

Teledyne Brown Engineering
external earth observation payloads for mounting on the International Space Station; integration of scientific payloads for manned spacecraft; manned spaceflight operations and mission support

Teledyne Coax
space-qualified discrete coaxial switches and switch matrices

electrical power management systems; attitude control electronics; small satellites; star trackers; magnetometers; on board software; satellite structures

Terra Bella
manufacturer of Earth observation satellites

communications payloads; travelling wave tube amplifiers; multiplexers; waveguide switches; modulators; hi-rel parts procurement agency

The Waveguide Solution Limited
manufacture of precision waveguide systems

Timken Aerospace & Super Precision Bearings
super precision miniature, instrument and thin section ball bearings and bearing based mechanical assemblies

TNO Space
attitude sensors; precision engineering and space mechanisms; manned space and human factors (biomedical instrumentation, man-machine interfaces)

Trak Microwave Corporation
isolators; circulators; phase locked oscillators; switched filters; oscillators; comb generators; frequency multipliers; indirect synthesisers (exciters)

Transpace Technologies
spacecraft electronics design, PCB schematic design, reliability analysis, spacecraft electronics sub-systems assembling and testing

TRM Microwave
specializes in the design and manufacture of custom passive RF and microwave components and Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMA's) serving a broad range of national security space programs

UTC Aerospace Systems
environmental control and life support systems for manned spacecraft and spacesuits

Vanguard Space Technologies
satellite antenna reflectors, spacecraft structures, instrument structures and solar power systems

Virgin Galactic
sub orbital spacecraft for space tourism

Wenzel Associates
crystal controlled oscillators

York Space Systems
small satellite bus manufacturer

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