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Satellite Operators

Organisations which either own or operate communications satellites or market space segment capacity on behalf of operators.

Airbus Defence and Space
operates several earth observation satellites

amateur satellites

operates the Arabsat and BADR series of communications satellites

Asia Broadcast Satellite
operates the ABS series of communications satellites

Asia Satellite Telecommunications Company (Asiasat)
operates the AsiaSat series of communications satellites

Avanti Communications
operates the Hylas series of communications satellites

Ciel Satellite Group
operates the Ciel-2 communications satellite

operates the WorldView constellation of earth observation satellites

operates a fleet of television broadcast satellites

EchoStar Satellite Services
operates a fleet of communications and television broadcast satellites

Effective Space Solutions
future operator of in-orbit servicing satellites

Embratel Star One
operates the Brasilsat and StarOne series of communications satellites

operates the Es'hail series of communications satellites

operates a fleet of meteorological satellites: Meteosat-7,-8, 9 and 10, Metop-A, Metop-B and Jason-2

European Space Agency
operates several scientific satellites, earth observation satellites, experimental telecommunications satellites and manned spacecraft

operates the Eutelsat and Hot Bird series of communications satellites

operates a fleet of maritine tracking satellites

Gazprom Space Systems
operates the Yamal series of communications satellites

operates the Globalstar constellation of LEO telephony and data satellites

Hellas Sat
operates the Hellas-Sat 2 communication satellite

operates the Hispasat and Amazonas series of communications satellites

ImageSat International
operates the Eros series of earth imaging satellites: Eros-B and Eros-C

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)
operates several scientific satellites, earth observation satellites and telecommunications satellites

operates the Inmarsat series of mobile communications satellites

operates the Intelsat, Galaxy and Horizons series of communications satellites

Iridium Communications
operates the Iridium constellation of LEO telephony and data satellites

JSAT Corporation
operates the JCSAT, Superbird, Horizons, N-STAR and N-SAT series of communications satellites

future operator of a constellation of LEO communications satellites

MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates (MDA)
operates the Radarsat-2 SAR earth imaging satellite

operates the Measat series of communications satellites

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
operates the EOS, Landsat and TDRS series of satellites, as well as a number of space and planetary probes and the International Space Station (ISS)

operates the Nilesat series of communications satellites

operates a fleet of meteorlogical and environmental satellites

operates the Orbcomm constellation of LEO store and forward messaging communications satellites

operates the Dove and RapidEye constellations of earth observation satellites

Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC)
operates the Express-A, Express-AM and Express-AT series of satellites

operates the Astra, NSS and SES series of communications satellites

SiriusXM Satellite Radio
operates the Sirius and XM series of satellites used for the broadcast of CD quality radio to cars

Sky and Space Global
plans to deploy nano-satellites constellations in orbit to provide global communication infrastructure

operates the Amos series of communications satellites

Telenor Satellite
operates the Thor series of communications satellites

operates the Anik, Nimiq and Telstar series of communications satellites

operates the Thaicom series of communications satellites

operates the Thuraya series of communications satellites

operates the Turksat series of communications satellites

Turkmen Hemrasi
commercial operator of Turkmen national satellite TurkmenAlem 52˚E

operates the Deimos 1 and 2 earth observation satellites and the IRIS earth observation external payload on the International Space Station

operates the Viasat series of communications satellites

operates the XTAR series of communications satellites for military and government users

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