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Satellite Service Providers

Organisations providing services using communications satellites including VSATs, international telecommunications, TV and audio uplinking, SNG, mobile services and teleports.

2 SAT Europe
provider of SNG trucks for news, sports and other events in Europe

SNG and uplink services for broadcasters in the Middle East

ACTA Medya
SNG services in Turkey, the Middle East, Asia and Europe

Actua Films
Swiss broadcast services company providing uplinks from Switzerland

provider of mobile satellite communication products, airtime and maintenance services

Airbus Defence and Space
one-stop-shop for satellite and terrestrial communications systems, intelligence and security solutions

All Over Communications
sales, rentals and service of satellite phones for remote and redundant communications

Aprize Satellite
remote tracking and monitoring solutions

Arctek HD
mobile uplink and production services across the USA

worldwide location and data collection system dedicated to studying and protecting the environment

global distribution services and media content management, providing solutions for Playout and Distribution, Occasional Video and Data, Digital Media Networks, Television Facilities, International Connectivity and Outside Broadcasts.; owns international teleports in London, Washington, Los Angeles and Paris, as well as extensive space segment and fibre connectivity to all of the world's major interconnects

Asia Telecommunications
Thuraya satellite phone service and equipment provider in Iran

satellite phone equipment and service providers for Thuraya, Iridium, Vodafone, Globalstar, Inmarsat, Aces, Emsat, Satellite TV Systems at sea

Atlas agencia
Spanish SNG service provider

ATM Broadcast
Spanish SNG and OB service provider

atrexx - Global Capacity & Facility Exchange
Internet and IP via satellite, mobile satellite services, voice communication, corporate networks, wireless access and radio and TV via satellite

ATV Broadcast Solutions
DSNG service provider in the Balkan Peninsula, Bulgaria, Greece and Romania

Balkan Telecommunication

satellite broadband internet services; private star/mesh corporate networks; SCPC/TDMA and back-up links for Turkey and Middle East region; IPTV solutions for hospitality

Bentley Walker
UK based supplier of broadband Internet access services

Bigblu Broadband
provider of two way Internet access services in the UK

Blue Sky Satellite Communications
African fixed and mobile service provider offering 2 way Internet access; Iridium, Inmarsat and Thuraya airtime and terminal reseller

BlueTide Communications
marine and remote satellite communications solutions that are reliable, innovative, powerful and easy-to-use

Broad Sky Networks
North American broadband satellite service provider

Broadband Wherever
UK based supplier of two way satellite broadband, satellite back up and mobile systems

Italian supplier of broadband Internet access

Business Satellite Solutions
broadband satellite solutions for enterprise clients

BusinessCom Networks
global provider of broadband satellite access

suppliers of HD and SD uplinks and downlinks in the UK and internationally

Casablanca Online
supplier of satellite services to the Brazilian broadcast industry including: teleport, DSNGs, flyaway, fixed station, occasional uplink, post remote as well as production services including: editing, post-production, standards conversion, digital compres

Castor Marine
provider of highly reliable mission and business critical communication networks from teleport facilities in the Netherlands

Central Coast Uplink
SNG and uplinking services from a base in California

provider of teleport and satellite services, offering the full spectrum of communication solutions, including VSAT networks, provision of satellite capacity, up- and downlink services and fibre connections, operation, service & maintenance of satellite networks, hardware provision, broadband Internet, VoIP via satellite and consulting

Coastal Media Group
Los Angeles based provider of SNG, mobile uplink and special events services

Cobbett Hill Earth Station
UK teleport offering a full range of SCPC, iDirect, Ipsat, and VoIP services as well as turnaround and broadcast services

COMSOFT Satellite Services
German teleport operator providing VSAT services

Comtech Mobile Datacom Corp
provision of satellite-based packet data communication systems and services for the land transportation, remote sensing, utility and aviation markets

Constellation Networks
complete network service provider for transport of voice, data, Internet and video; specializing in global connectivity for SCPC as well as iDirect D-TDMA services; direct access to the public Internet from the satellite as well as redundant fibre to majo

CPC Television
DSNG and SNG services in Argentina

SNG services in Croatia

CSC Management
operates a teleport in Miami, Florida

Cygnus Telecom
reseller of Thuraya services

Cyprus based teleport operator offering a wide range of VSAT and Internet access and trunking services as well as services for broadcasters

provider of Thuraya, Iridium and VSAT equipment and services, mainly in Europe, Africa and the Middle East

Danish Space Expo
SNG, uplink and downlink services in Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden

Datasat Communications
global communications solutions provider, supplying fully managed SCPC, DVB-RCS and TDM/TDMA networks plus secure, encrypted and quick deploy services

Dicto Citius UAB
provider of fixed and mobile services in the Baltic states, Scandinavia and northern Europe

mobile uplink services in Ireland

Digital Space
provider of SNG and uplink services in Ireland

provider of imagery from the WorldView constellation of Earth imaging satellites

Diversified Communications Inc
Washington DC based provider of mobile uplink, SNG and teleport services

DNS Satcomm
Bangladesh VSAT sevice provider

Eastern TV News
Pakistan based TV news agency providing ENG, SNG, post production, reporter, video FTP services and facilities

EchoStar Satellite Services
worldwide delivery of full-time and occasional-use services including news, sports, entertainment, catastrophic and special events

Effective Space Solutions
future provider of in-orbit satellite life extension services

El Molino Systems
sale and hire of broadband Internet connections via satellite in Spain

Hungarian Inmarsat service provider

premier provider of global satellite communications, utilising a high quality, fully managed network, EMC offers maritime services, teleport services, and private, end-to-end satellite networks in more than 140 countries

broadband IP communication solutions and services based on digital satellite (VSAT) and fixed wireless access (FWA) networks

Eser Telekom
broadband Internet access to International backbones; international clear channel TDM/SDH links

European satellite broadband internet service provider

European Broadcasting Union
an association of European broadcasters which operates an extensive satellite and terrestrial network for TV and radio contribution and distribution

European Datacomm
tracking and tracing solutions, voice and data communications services

Excelerate Group
transportable satellite broadband VPN technology supplier, as well as static satellite and Virtual Network Operator

DSNG, uplink, news crews and TV-production services provider based in Estonia

Films du Soleil
French SNG service supplier offering: ENG/EFP crews, studios, 12 SNG OB vans from 1 to 6 cameras, telecine, VIDEODYN fiber net

Flycom Communications
SNG and teleport services to broadcasters in Russia

Free Lens TV
SNG service provider based in Luxembourg

Galaxy Broadband
broadband services in North America

Gazprom Space Systems
operates satellite communication and broadcasting systems using Yamal satellites

UK SNG facilities provider for news, sports, entertainment and corporate events; services also include fixed links for TV contribution and datacomms, microwave camera links and camera facilities

Gilat Satcom
communication solutions provider that offers satellite and fiber-based connectivity solutions in Africa, Asia and the Middle East

Global Communications Services Romania
provider of Thuraya services in Romania

Global Link
SNG and uplinking services in Switzerland

Global Satellite
reseller of mobile satellite services and equipment

Global Telesat
provision of satellite internet services; projects engineering; consulting; installation of satellite and private internet networks primarily in central and southern Africa

Globalsat USA
provider of Inmarsat, Globalstar and Iridium services in Latin America

operates the globalstar constellation of satellites providing mobile voice and data services

Globalstar service provider in Russia

teleport located in Brussels, Belgium

transmission services for broadcast, production and IP content delivery

Globecomm Systems
end-to-end managed network services

Globesat Communications
Cyprus based supplier of flyaway SNG terminals and crews

Go Wireless Pakistan
satellite internet services in Pakistan

Ground Control
global internet access provider

Gulfsat Communications
Kuwait based provider of VSAT, Internet and broadcast services in the Middle East, Europe and Africa

Gulfsat Madagascar
VSAT and broadband services in Madagascar

Harris CapRock
supply, installation, commissioning and maintainance of fixed and stabilised C and Ku band VSAT's for oil & gas, energy, mining, government & military and maritime industries

Hawaii Pacific Teleport
access to asian and US satellites for video, Internet and switched services from a teleport in Hawaii

Headline NFP
audiovisual services and facilities for TV-news: ENG crews, SNG crews, editing and post production, a complete production/research service, feed point, chromakey live studio; expert in European affairs and logistics

two way Internet access from a hub in the Netherlands

Horizon Satellite Services
Internet services; data networks; ISDN solutions; GSM back haul services in Middle East, Asia and Africa

Hughes Network Systems
global VSAT and broadband services supplier

US provider of satellite internet

Hungaro DigiTel
broadband and VSAT services in Eastern Europe

IEC Telecom
mobile and fixed satellite service provider offering Iridium, Thuraya, Iridium, Inmarsat and VSAT services

ImageSat International
satellite imagery

Greek provider of D-SNG & ENG services

Infosat Telecommunications
Iridium service reseller

Ingwell Communications
turn-key special event/ad-hoc broadcast services in U.S., Europe and Asia

provider of a wide range of mobile sevices using its own fleet of satellites

spacecraft TT&C services

wide range of communications services using Intelsat's own fleet of satellites

Intelsat General
communications solutions using fixed and mobile satellite systems and associated terrestrial communications services

broadband internet services in Africa and the Middle East

broadband internet provider in the Czech Republic

IP Access International
independent global business satellite Internet, voice, video and data connectivity provider providing fixed and mobile satellite solutions to businesses around the world

Iridium Communications
mobile voice and data services using Iridium's own constellation of LEO satellites

iSAT Africa
provides a wide range of communications and broadcast services across Africa

IsoTropic Networks
provider of satellite internet services in the Asia-Pacific region
SNG service provider based in Greece

KB Impuls Hellas
offers a variety of services, ranging from simple IP backbone connectivity for ISPs, to teleport facilities

K-SAT Media
news and documentary production house with satellite transmission facility based in Tunisia

KVH Industries
global high-speed Internet, television, and voice services via satellite to mobile users at sea and on land

Lamit Company
satellite internet service provider in the Middle East and North Africa

Land Info Worldwide Mapping
digital geospatial information of the world, including satellite imagery, 3D models, and topographic maps

US teleport operator offering a range of communications services

LeSEA Productions
SNG and uplink services across the USA

SNG, DENG and OB-van services in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and elswhere in Europe

Liberty Uplink
providers of Ku satellite uplink vehicles and television production services in New England, the Mid-Atlantic

Link Communications Systems
global VSAT network provider

Links Broadcast
SNG services in England

Link-Sat Communications
internet access service for cybercafés and businesses throughout West Africa

Linx Productions
SNG and uplink services from Hungary and Croatia

Live Mobile Group
operates a fleet of transportable uplinks in the USA

Livewire Connections
providers of satellite hardware and airtime covering Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya, DVB-RCS and VSAT services for use in land and marine environments; solutions include store & forward video, network integration, data transfer and least cost routing

Logical Wireless
VSAT services in Africa

Lowery Satellite Services
operates a fleet of transportable uplinks for broadcast television in the USA

broadband Internet access provider from Afghanistan to West Africa

global broadband services

Mainstream Data
VSAT based services in North America

provedes satellite communication solutions to the maritime and enterprise markets

Maxwell Satellite Technology
VSAT solutions across continental Africa

MDA Geospatial Services
provider of advanced geospatial information products derived from the high-resolution RADARSAT satellites, commercial optical satellites, and aerial systems

Media Broadcast
full service provider to the broadcasting and media industry in Europe

Media Digital Distribution
Kuala Lumpur based teleport

Microspace Communications
US provider of broadcast video, data and audio satellite services for business applications

Milano Teleport
Italian teleport providing enterprise networks, maritime VSATs and broadcast services

Mobil Satellite Technologies
provides mobile and portable VSAT hardware and service to hundreds of federal, state, county and municipal mobile command centers, oil and gas exploration teams, mobile medical, and humanitarian missions

M-Three Satcom
operates two teleports in Italy

provides play-out, multiplexing, encryption and satellite uplinks to broadcasters

New TR News Agency
SNG service provider in Turkey

NorthernAxcess Satellite Communications
Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya and Globalstar services

independent service provider for satellite communications providing systems integration and high level service support to clients across the maritime, energy, government, energy, finance and corporate sectors

NSTT - Network Satellite Technology Trading
internet services for end-users, ISPs and telcos across the Middle East. Africa, Europe and Central Asia

provider of two-way Internet access services in Europe

communications services for aircraft

provider of teleport, broadcast and VSAT services from a hub in Germany

provides a wide range of satellite services across Australasia

global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication solutions and operates the only commercial satellite network dedicated to M2M

Orbital Media Networks
servicesfor radio networks, television stations, first responders and colocation clients

operates mobile Ku band digital uplink trucks in Chicago, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Phoenix, Seattle, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento; teleport in northern California

Paris WebCube
Internet access by satellite for events

Pasifik Satelit Nusantara
VSAT-based rural telephony; ACeS satellite phone and data services; Multi-Media Asia (m2@) satellite-based multimedia services

satellite imagery processing

delivers bundled satellite internet communications solutions for governments, businesses and organizations worldwide

Pro Sat Hawaii
DSNG provider based in Hawaii

PSSI Strategic Television
providing professional production and satellite transmission services to the broadcasting industry

Purple Turtle Communications
S Africa based provider of SNG services using flyaways; Ku/C band space segment lease

command and control of spacecraft; TT and C support; anomaly support

South African based turn-key solutions provider specialising in the supply of VSAT and wireless connectivity solutions for ISP's, Internet cafe's, corporate networks and telco providers

Quantis Global
broadband satellite Internet access in Spain

value-added reseller of satellite capacity, manufacturer of satellite networking products and operator of VSAT and HD/SD DVB platforms

Rural Broadband
provider of broadband satellite internet services in the UK

Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC)
provides a wide range of communication and broadcasting services

enterprise networks in the USA

teleport based in Maputo, Mozambique, providing data communications, Internet access and voice communication services through VSAT technology throughout Sub-Saharan Africa

aeronautical satellite communications provider

satellite Internet services for Europe, Africa, ME and Latin America using Hispasat and Eutelsat satellite systems; VoIP services for VSAT users

Satelite y Comunicaciones
teleport and uplink services in Panama

Satellite Communication Systems
Chicago based provider of satellite uplink trucks, video production services, videoconferencing, satellite time, satellite media tours and video news releases

Satellite Imaging Corp
global provider of high resolution image data, Geographic Information System (GIS) services, and mapping solutions

Satellite Mediaport Services
teleport in England
Globalstar, Iridium, and Inmarsat phone rentals and service supplier

Internet via satellite services in Europe, North Africa, Middle East, West Africa, Sub Saharan Africa, the Caribbean, Central and South America

Satlink Ltd
worldwide service provider of Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya, VSAT (hardware and airtime)

SED Systems
operational support for Earth observation satellites

major European satellite operator with its own fleet of satellites; provides a wide range of broadcast, Internet and government services from its hub in Luxembourg

SES Government Solutions
provider of satellite services to the US government

Signal Mountain
full service network data, voice, and video integration company providing fixed and mobile satellite, wireless, and terrestrial services worldwide

managed end-to-end communication solutions to government, defence, enterprise, maritime, and oil & gas customers

provider of one stop satellite communications solutions

SNG and uplink services in the UK and Europe

US based satellite internet provider

SkyDelta Satellite Networks
satellite internet service provider in the Middle East and North Africa

provider of secure Satellite Communication Solutions across the Middle-East

global satellite communications service provider, offering comprehensive, integrated solutions to meet all corporate, government and Telco market requirements

SNG Service
provider of SD/HD SNG and uplink services in the Ukraine

global network and satellite communications service provider

Squire Tech Solutions
broadband internet solutions for commercial and government customers

mission control services, ground station services, teleport services, operations and maintenance, co-location, network solutions, consultancy services, frequency coordination and procurement services

Station Seven Eleven
Israel based provider of satellite communication solutions: Inmarsat Land Earth Station, VSAT, Iridium, turn around

Stolk AV
Netherlands based SNG supplier

Sydney Teleport Services
Australian provider of broadcast and television services for domestic and international broadcasters

provider of telemetry, back-up and maritime broadband services based on VSAT, covering Western Europe and Africa

SCPC and VSAT provider in Europe, South and Central America, Africa, Asia and Russia

Teleantenna Inc
full service satellite company with around the clock teleport services and mobile satellite uplink available anywhere in eastern Canada and northeast USA

Telemar UK
Inmarsat and Iridium service and equipment supplier

South African SNG and uplink services supplier

global satellite operator, providing reliable and secure satellite-delivered communications solutions worldwide to broadcast, telecom, corporate and government customers

provides a wide range of communication and broadcasting services

Madagascan VSAT operator

Telstream Telecoms
provider of broadband satellite Internet, VoIP and data services to businesses and individuals throughout Africa

Thin Air Broadcasting
mobile satellite uplink and SNG services to the broadcast television industry in the west, south and southwest of England, Wales, the Midlands

provider of mobile voice and data solutions in Asia, Australia, Africa, Central Asia, Europe and the Middle East using its own fleet of satellites

Total Production Services
full service production supplier to broadcasters in the United States, provider of satellite uplink trucks throughout the USA

Transvision International
California based provider of fixed, transportable and flyaway uplink services in North America, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, the Philippines and Hawaii

Tropical Broadcasting
provedes uplink and SNG services in Florida, USA

telecommunications services provider using the following satellite constellations: Thuraya, Iridium, Inmarsat, Eutelsat and Intelsat

provides a wide range of satellite services across Asia, Africa and Europe using its own fleet of satellites

Canadian production company specialising in sport and news, offering SNG and teleport services

global satellite communications service provider, offering comprehensive, end-to-end managed network solutions to government and defense entities, multi-national enterprises, large telco companies, and NGOs

Universal Satellite Communications (UniSat)
fully integrated supplier of television logistics and transmission services providing mobile uplinks from California, Nevada and Arizona in USA

provides fully managed, end-to-end satellite solutions and services from its teleports in the USA, UK and Germany

Via Storia
satellite news gathering in France and Western Europe

worldwide service provider for Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya satellite communications and hardware

satellite trucks, studio facilities, transmission, camera crews, webcasting, program development; located in Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore

Village Video
Ku and C band NTSC or PAL standard or HD uplink trucks in New York

VISTA Worldlink
full service provider of satellite transmission and television production services in USA

VSAT services in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Africa

Westar Satellite Services
Texas based provider of broadcast up/downlink, distance learning, digital cinema, IP delivery

Wide Network Solutions
global provider of networking and broadcasting services

WTVP Productions
US provider of mobile Ku satellite uplink truck, sporting events, SNG, live shots, satellite media tours, tape feeds, downlink events

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